Without Government, Who Will Feed the Hungry?

When discussing personal sovereignty, there is a common misconception about it being a selfish way of life. We are so used to believing that without government intervention, we will not be willing to help each other out. We have this idea that without major organizations getting involved, the less fortunate will be left without resources. And no matter how many times we see that these organizations mismanage their funds (remember the Red Cross in Haiti??), we continue to see them as our only option.

In the era of technology, you would think we would have learned to think outside of the box. From bike sharing, to ride sharing, to car sharing, we keep finding solutions to everyday problems in the big city. So, why not find a solution to the hunger problem? Turns out, Tessa Cook and Saasha Celestial-One (yes, that’s her real name) have found a solution. They came up with an app called OLIO which allows you to share your surplus food! I don’t know about you, but I know I tend to follow recipes and make a ton of food for just two people and it breaks my heart to have to throw away leftovers. Not to mention the countless times I buy a pack of cilantro only to use a few leaves for one recipe!

OLIO makes it super easy! All you have to do is sign up, post a picture and description of what you have to offer and someone in your area can request it. You coordinate via the private messaging service and boom- your leftovers go to a good home. You don’t even have to give out your address. You can coordinate to meet in a safe place and deliver the food without putting yourself at risk. 

As of this publications, here are 41 countries currently using the app. Here are some other notable numbers:

This just goes to show, that as communities, we can take care of each other. We WANT to take care of each other. I know what you’re thinking: if some people can’t afford food, how can they afford to have a phone to check the app? We can do it for them! See someone on your street asking for food? Check to see if someone nearby has food to offer and pick it up and deliver it to them! Not only that, there are plenty of people who have homes and cellphones, but are struggling that particular week with funds for food who can greatly benefit. The point is, there are always people willing to help. So the only question left is, when are you signing up?

To download the app, click here.