What if Free Energy Machines Could Power Your Home?

John Bush

Sustainable and affordable energy is a must have for any successful off-the-grid homestead. Solar tends to be the go-to technology, but with its high price and inaccessibility to some due to location limitations on their property or sub-par weather conditions, it may not be for everyone.

What if you could get 100% of your energy from a source that required zero input whatsoever and could work day and night no matter the external conditions? What if you could use perpetual motion and free energy machines to power your homestead?

Perpetual motion, considered a myth by many modern scientists and intellectuals, is the phenomenon whereby motion continues indefinitely without any external energy source. It has been the life quest for many passionate do-it-yourself electrical geniuses. Guided by Nikola Tesla and others before them, these energy hackers are determined to prove to the world that status quo of inefficient and centralized energy sources will soon go the way of the dinosaurs.

Take a look at the following sources and see for yourself. The prospect of perpetual motion and free energy may not be a myth after all.

This video features ten simple perpetual motion machines that if scaled up, could generate some serious energy!

The following clip is from the documentary “Thrive” which was produced by Foster Gamble. The movie covers free energy, central banking, and explores ways in which society can be organized using peaceful non-hierarchical institutions.

Follow the link for information on Nikola Tesla’s work on Free Energy.

For more information on perpetual motion check out this article from Homestead Notes.

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