Sharing Stories of Gratitude #ThankYouPlantMedicine 2021

Sovereign Lovestream Ep. 33

We are igniting a global wave of gratitude on social media asking “How has plant medicine/psychedelics improved your life?” Join the #ThankYouPlantMedicine movement to spread awareness and de-stigmatize plant medicine and psychedelic use. Join us for the livestream and share YOUR story on the air!

Vanessa and I started our plant medicine journey a few years ago when we were going through some tough times in our relationship. In desperation we turned to psilocybin and ayahuasca on the recommendation of a close friend. These experiences changed our lives and we started to share the story with others which led to a featured segment on NBC’s Today Show. Hear more about our story here.

One of the most powerful aspects of psychedelic plant medicines has been its ability to temporarily lower the volume of our egos. Many times our egos tell us stories of self judgement, we can be very hard on ourselves, especially in the climate of modern society where there is so much focus on external appearance physically, emotionally and mentally. Plant medicines guide you into deeper consciousness and help you become more spiritually balanced which then heals mental, emotional and even physical infirmities.

After sitting with Psilocybin we were able to see ourselves from an objective perspective. I could see how traumas I was subconsciously harboring were affecting my thoughts and behaviors. For the most part those traumas were negatively affecting my ability to love myself and others. Without that voice in my head constantly criticizing and judging me I have been able to see myself and others through the eyes of unconditional love. Over the past year my work with psilocybin and ayahuasca has helped me integrate several major life traumas, from childhood wounds to the loss of my mother.

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