is an educational blog featuring news, DIY tutorials, commentary and essays on topics related to exercising personal sovereignty while living in a metropolis. Topics include DIY life hacks, holistic health, philosophy, sustainability and economics.

After spending almost a decade in political activism and studying personal sovereignty and holistic anarchy, we came to the conclusion that there is no political solution to life’s challenges. Instead we’ve discovered the way to make the world a better place first and foremost is to improve oneself, and then to improve ones community.

That isn’t always easy in a big city setting. Picking up and moving to homestead in a rural setting or another country isn’t an option for most people including us. Instead of giving up the dream of sovereign living we decided to make small incremental changes to become more independent from the grid, and live more sustainably.

What You Resist Persists

We believe that instead of fighting coercive power structures of institutional violence through politics, we can work together to make those power structures irrelevant by developing strong communities with a focus on empathy and mutual aid.

SITC documents our journey while sharing the information we find with others to hopefully inspire you to become more conscious, or just give you some cool ideas! 

On we will be providing content to help our readers exercise their personal freedoms while “being the change they wish to see in the world.”

Sovereignly Yours,

Vanessa & Danny
Founders of SITC

Danny Panzella & Vanessa Velez