Make the Most of Closet Space

You can’t shop your closet if you can’t see what’s inside. Here are 3 high-impact ways to make your closet work for you.

Build a custom scaffold

Closet organizer
To overcome an odd configuration or sketchy walls, build a scaffold using commercial Speed-Rail fittings ( and closet rods. Use them to make a system supported by vertical rods screwed to the ceiling and floor or to make freestanding racks. The result looks like other industrial-pipe fixes but does them one better: System options include connectors with swiveling joints that can handle awkward angles for just a few dollars.








Opt for bifolds

bi-fold closet doorsNo room for swing-open doors? Avoid sliders, which block the view, and invest in sturdy, solid-core or solid-wood bifolds and heavy-duty fittings (we like those at Lightweight doors with bad fittings wobble and constantly fall off their tracks.






Make use of overhead space.

Want to stack a short-hanging rod over one that’s set up high? It’s doable with a specialty hinged pull-down fitting (find them at and Just grab the rod with the included hook to pull items within arm’s reach.

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