“Sovereign Lovestream” Premiers Sunday March 29th

After our recent appearance on NBC’s TODAY Show discussing our relationship went viral Vanessa and I decided to launch a new video livestream so we can bring the community into the discussion of love, relationships, sex, parenting, therapeutic modalities and whatever else pops up.

Click here to see our TODAY Show appearance.

We decided to call this new show “Sovereign Lovestream.” As you already know the focus of our blog is applying the philosophy of sovereignty to all aspects of our lives, our romantic relationship is no exception.

Episode 1 airs Sunday March 29th at 2pm Eastern Standard Time and will be streaming on Facebook on the Sovereign In The City Page. Click here to be reminded when the stream goes live!

For those of you not on facebook the stream will also be carried on our YouTube Channel.

Vanessa and I do not claim to be experts at all, we have struggled through parts of our relationship. We are so excited to share our journey through love and parenting with you, and hope that we can all learn from each other!


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  1. Fantastic! I am so excited this is happening and know it will have benefits beyond our wildest dreams. You will touch so many with vulnerability, relatable content, wisdom and so much more. This is a blessing. I am so grateful! This is great for the couples but it will be far reaching into the future which will be the children it helps!

  2. That was great! I like a lot of what you said especially explaining the set and setting of your plant medicine experiences. I love a lot but when Vanessa said that you were learning to be sovereign even within your relationship. And I loved when Danny talked about the contrast of how the handling of your problems has evolved over time and it takes less time now to resolve some issues. Well done and I look forward to more episodes! Thank you.

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