Sterlin Luxan

Dear Statists,

I write this letter in peace. I want you for a friend, to be an anarchist’s friend and ally. Here I will express how I think and feel, how many voluntaryists think and feel; and hopefully, you can empathize with us and we can all communicate on the same wavelength. Bear with me, for the things I say may be uncomfortable and jarring.

Using government to control people is soul-murder. It is carnage and chaos. Just live your life. You can solve problems in accordance with your will. No need for a system that monitors and polices everyone, stamps papers and records, scans and spies and employs drone bombs against children.

Why do you believe men must initiate violence against other men for optimal social cohesion? Belief in government is merely a personification of latent mommy and daddy issues. Discontinue this fantasy. Separate. Detach the umbilical cord. Refocus. It is time for you to move beyond a repressed adolescence. It is time to stop appealing to authority only to sate your Utopian and morbid desires. Time to shake yourself into clarity, to realize you are not as dependent and pitiful as you thought.

You are strong, intelligent, noble. I am only here to help, to tell you you can choose, that you can acknowledge that you are not a serf, and neither are the people you wish to subjugate by proxy. It is time for you to move forward, to allow humanity to embrace its urge for freedom and decency. If you do not, you help extinguish truth, like a wind-swept candle, everything loved and cherished snuffed out instantly, forever.

That is not your goal, is it? Is it not your motivation to keep peace, to allow others to subsist and thrive?

Stop pretending that safety can be granted by the monument makers and war-brokers. It cannot. The only thing that can be had by blind obedience is annihilation, oblivion, and darkness. Do not succumb to the ghost-manufacturers, the life-rapists, the murderers and henchmen of the State apparatus.

Succumb only to the dignity of your own conscience and consciousness. That is what mother earth bestowed on you. It is your birthright. Do not allow it to wither away in the decadence of illusion and the guillotine of government. Do not consent to the politician-kings.

Speak out against their evil and corruption, and eventually they will no longer prey upon the flesh and fortune of the weak. Seek only the pleasure and logic of nonviolence, of zero institutional coercion. Seek freedom and love. You are stronger than ever and the time is ripe. Break your shackles. Spread your wings and look to the heavens. Peace is beckoning, and the light of truth will embrace you.

The State will finally break into pieces, and become the ashes of a misguided past.

Sterlin Luxan

another world


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