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    Conscious vs Toxic Monogamy

    Are you monogamous because you intentionally chose it or because your culture/religion/parents told you monogamy was the “right way” to have a relationship? In this weeks episode Vanessa and Danny discuss the signs of toxic monogamy and how they transmuted their toxic relationship into joy filled intentional conscious monogamy. SovereignInTheCity.com is an educational blog featuring […] More

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    Coming Out of the Spiritual Closet

    Last week Danny & Vanessa attended the Light & Liberty Festival in Lancaster New Hampshire. They are joined by festival hosts Dr. Tarrin Lupo and Stephanie Enger for a discussion about coming out of the spiritual closet and being more open about your beliefs and practices. Light & Liberty Festival Telegram Group https://t.me/joinchat/BB1klBfj5sq3UQI_zYCHzA Light & […] More

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    To Spank or NOT to Spank?

    This week a video of a mother holding a belt to her child while he starts virtual kindergarten has sparked a passionate debate between parents who believe in spanking and those who are opposed to it. Vanessa and Danny discuss corporal punishment this week on Sovereign Lovestream.   For more resources and to learn about […] More

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    Intimacy, Lies & Permission Slips

    This week Vanessa and Danny talk about old relationship wounds that haven’t properly healed. Over the past week Vanessa became aware of some old wounds from lies Danny told early in their relationship. They share how MDMA therapy gave them permission to heal those wounds and achieve a deeper level of intimacy. SovereignInTheCity.com  is an educational […] More

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    Triggers vs Safe Spaces

    TRIGGER ALERT!!!! This week Danny & Vanessa discuss TRIGGERS and SAFE SPACES! Should we protect ourselves from being triggered? What is a safe space? Do we need them? How do we keep from getting triggered? SHOULD we keep from getting triggered? SovereignInTheCity.com  is an educational blog featuring news, DIY tutorials, commentary and essays on topics related […] More

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    What Mary Magdalene Taught Us About Shame

    This week Vanessa and Danny talk about Mary Magdalene and the lessons she has to teach us about shame. Are you carrying shame associated with judgments that others have cast on you? Does that shame keep you from experiencing love on a deeper level? Show Notes: This week was the celebration of the Feast of […] More

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    Letting Go of Guilt to Experience Deeper Love

    After a rant about internet bullying, Danny talks about his first marriage and divorce and the guilt associated, how that has kept him from experiencing deeper love with Vanessa. They spoke about how forgiving others and yourself, letting go of attachments and reframing memories can help you heal from past traumas. More

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    Are You Haunted by Ghosts of Relationships Past?

    Do you or your partner get triggered when an old flame pops up on social media? Does it upset you that your partner has souvenirs from past relationship? This week Vanessa and Danny talk about the ghosts of their relationships past and how they deal with them. Please help us advance truth, healing, community building, […] More

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    Why you SHOULD ‘Rock the Boat’ in your Relationship

    Have you ever kept your opinion from your partner to avoid conflict? Do you routinely put your partners needs over yours? Do you bully your partner to get your way most of the time? In episode 14 Vanessa and Danny discuss why it’s important to “rock the boat” in your romantic partnerships. SovereignInTheCity.com  is an educational […] More

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    How To Shift The Energy in Family Relationships

    What are family events like for you? Do political discussions turn into screaming matches at the dinner table? Are you the black sheep because you think differently than the rest of your family? This week Danny and Vanessa talked about shifting strategies to take the anger out of family gatherings so you can spend time with your family connecting in love. More

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